Saturday, February 11

1990 Ford Tempo Rally Edition

Rally, Tempo style.

Santa Fe, NM
Ford Tempo Central
Photo: Bill Stengel


  1. First off, those informative videos are amazing. Secondly, I had no idea that the Ford Tempo was ever offered with AWD. Maybe a small badge on the back being the only clue? I guess these competed with the rare All-Trac Toyota Camry. It seems like a no-brainer that the "Rally" would be AWD, but leave it Ford to screw that up too.

    1. holy jeez, hilarious find, you win the internet.

      i finally spotted a first-gen tempo not long ago, but have yet to encounter a first-gen taurus or sable.

      shots #1 and #3 are perfect.

    2. Thanks Tony.
      I'm developing a fondness for the Tempo for its sheer practicality.
      A pure no-frills car. That is, until you add package 226-A.
      Keep your eyes peeled for an AWD Tempo - if anyone's going to find one, it'll be OPC.