Saturday, February 25

1987 Chevrolet Turbo Sprint

I miss the stock Ronal R10 inspired hubcaps. A free pat on the back to anyone who can come up with another factory turbocharged car sporting 12" wheels.

San Diego, CA
Curbside Classic Turbo Sprint
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. There's something 100% right about this.

  2. Quite Bizarre, I should spot this topic at random
    just 4 days after it hits the web, yes indeedy.
    That's MY little ride and I'm glad someone appreciates
    it more than the Meter Maid and the snot down the street who mails nasty letters of 'big brother' intent instructing on where to park and not to park.
    1987 Chevy Turbo Sprint, Factory intercooled 1.0 litre
    powerhouse, extremely sophisticated and ahead of it's
    time. The 165/70-12 tires are a bit hard to find nowadays, right now it's sporting 175/50-13's which
    are equally hard to find. Curb weight is around 1500
    lbs, so this thing really gets up and moves, the small
    factory IHI RB32 turbocharger is perfect for the stock
    motor and provides boost from the get go for a really
    peppy ride. The springs have been replaced with custom
    manufacture units and shocks/struts are KYB.
    Nowadays, all the newer small cars will be based
    on this design of a small turbocharged powerplant.
    I believe Ford is resurrecting the 3 Cylinder turbo
    for 2013, and in March 2012 Fiat is releasing the
    SS version of the 500 with twin? turbos giving an extra
    60hp or so over the normally aspirated and all this with
    a curb weight of 2300lbs, but a second or two slower
    than the Cooper S with a whopping curb weight of 3200 lbs. A few months earlier and you would have spotted
    a trio of turbo sprints on this street, a bit more of a spectacle to view. For more on this car visit or Utube user jamal spelling
    Now find me a mid '80s Turbo Colt and I'll be impressed
    and might just offer up a swap ;)

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