Friday, February 24

1975(?) Ford Pinto Delivery & 1965 Ford Econoline

Once in a while I spend way too much time trying ID a particular vehicle. Today it was this Pinto. First thing that threw me was the Mercury Bobcat badges. I'm making an educated guess that the owner is hoping to get praise from the Merc community, despite driving the more "popular" Pinto wagon.  The real stumper is the Cruising Wagon treatment that was available from 77-80 paired with the '75 fascia.  I tried to find evidence that the delivery style wagon was available pre-'77, but could not.  Please chime in Pinto fanatics.

San Diego, CA
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Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. There is a mid-year sales book that shows a '76. It is called "Free Weeling". I have to find my copy and send you the pics. I just found it on line.

    page 12 - 13.

  2. Ok its a '74. (I used to own a '74 wagon) With an aftermarket sedan delivery treatment.I have only ever seen this once before. Its covering the glass behind it. It's evidence my the screws in the back of it.