Thursday, January 12

2009 Audi S8

There's something very appealing about the S8 to me. In a world of over-blown luxury-liners, the low-slung S8 motivated by Gallardo-sourced V10 stands out as incredibly capable but subtly refined, the elegant gentleman quietly composed in the corner of the room while the braggarts shout loudly at each other in the center.

Or maybe it's just another bloated, shapeless blob that drives itself to $250 oil changes.

Now back to your regular old crusty car programming.

Barcelona, Spain
D3 Wiki
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. I spent some time looking over one of these in the garage at the Waldorf in NYC, and I can honestly say it singlehandedly changed my mind on Audi.
    They've mastered the clean, understated aesthetic.
    I'm glad you got one of these on the roster, Jack.

  2. Scrap it, go save a Cordoba sitting in a scrap yard.

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