Sunday, January 15

1981 Isuzu I-Mark Diesel

The town bicycle on a global scale.  Call it an IsuzuHoldenOpelDaewooVauxhall.  A rare find in the U.S. and even rarer in the salty Northeast.

Woodbury, CT
Gemeni Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. You forgot to name it Vaxuall.

  2. If car maker's ever want to make a reliable car again than they need to have a real good look at how Isuzu made these.Bulletproof!!!

  3. Great cars and hardly seen today. While Mercedes diesels of this era stood the test of time, diesels from other car manufactures seemed to only be a trend.

  4. hello i'm really interested in your 1981 isuzu i-mark please call me at 917-564-5723 anytime

  5. I notice cars and remember them. I honestly have not seen one of these for at least 15 years.I saw an earlier "Buick/opel" (essentially the same car) a few years back, and those are almost fully extinct in the US. Yet these have remained elusive.
    You see diesel Benzes because they were extremely well-built and withstand anything you throw at them, so people buy them based on reputation, but all other diesel cars got sold for scrap as quickly as possible. Add to it that Isuzus were obscure in the US when they were still new at the dealerships, and these cars never stood a chance at being preserved.

  6. I dunno what you're talking about but here in the PNW there are tons of VW diesels old school still running around.