Thursday, January 26

1980 Datsun 510 Hatchback

83% - yeah, whatever.  17% - fuck yeah!

Sarasota, FL
Datsun A10 Series
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. And another example of a vehicle offered in different configurations. Whether or not you like hatchbacks as much as I do (probably not) - the ability to choose between a 3-, 4-, 5- door hatchback or wagon is nice. Common back in the days of this car, almost unheard of now.

    Nice early Supra wheels.

  2. parents had a silver one, inline 6, rwd, 5 speed manual with 1st gear down and left (where 2nd usually id) and reverse straight up from 1st (where 1st usually is) -- fast and more fun than a soccer-mom-econo-box shoulda been