Friday, January 20

1977 Volvo 242 DL

Thank you Bree for letting me PEEP your lovely car.  Do you know the history of this super clean brick?  Enjoy the Lambda Sond system!

Santa Monica, CA
200 Series Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. hey gardner! delighted to see my lovely lady up on your site. i know very little about her history, but i do know she's from san diego. i drove down from la a few months ago to peep :) her and decided she needed to come home with me. i was so happy and proud that you wanted to photograph totally made my day. is that weird? have i become a crazy car lady? anyhow, thanks for posting! she's clearly in good company as the rest of your site showcases some seriously rad cars.
    keep up the goodness.

    1. It's not weird at all. You picked a car with character, as opposed to the masses of characterless blobs driving around. I have equal love for Swedish bricks and their curvy counterparts, SAAB's. Please email the site and I will send you some other lovely Swedes.

    2. If the link doesn't work it's