Thursday, November 24

1976 Plymouth Feather Duster

The Feather Duster was sold as a fuel economy package (for $50.56 1976 dollars). It incorporated aluminum parts so as to save on weight. The aluminum inner-hood and trunk-lid panels, intake manifold, bumper mounts, and transmission casing were good for a 200lb weight savings. The slant-6 model was capable of 20/36mpg, rivaling today's economy cars.

Portland, OR
Photo: Bill Stengel


  1. One of my favorite peeps yet! Something about Feather Dusters I just love, especially one like this that looks like its lived the life of a typical economy car for a very long time.

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  3. I own that car this was before I owned it

  4. I can't upload a picture of it but the car in the pictures is the car I own I have had it for a few years now one owner car well two now that I own it. It's getting the rebuild it deserves