Sunday, November 20

1962 Ford Falcon Ranchero + Japanese Bike Shed

Taking the long way back from lunch yesterday, I caught up with Courtney messing around on his awesome So-Cal style '62 Falcon Ranchero and he was gracious enough to show me around his collection. Courtney picked up the truck a few years ago and recently had a spotless 200ci straight-six rebuilt by a local shop to a slightly higher compression with a mild cam. The truck shows around 80,000 miles, and has enjoyed cruises with the wife through beautiful eastern Oregon and daily lawn-mower and bike hauling duties. 

Courtney has a growing Japanese bike collection, featuring a Honda CB900F, Suzuki Bandit, and a vintage Yamaha YZ250 and 400. He runs the Sang-Froid Riding Club promoting bike events in the Portland area - riding with the likes of Travis and his Datsun 620 and Yamaha YZ250 - and writes for San Francisco's CityBike magazine. Check out the recent cover feature on his pilgrimage to the Isle of Man TT! Thanks for showing me around, Courtney.

Portland, OR
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. Gabriel said:
    it´s too much!!

    en buenos aires no se consiguen!

  2. Just a heads up from Courtney (the Ranchero owner) that the car is now for sale this week on a Bring A Trailer auction:

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