Monday, October 10

1990 Sterling 827SL Oxford Edition

Only 350 Oxford Editions ever made!  Elbow patch blazer-wearing professors take note, this is the car for you.  Spend your weekends diagnosing faults in the Lucas electrical system.

San Diego, CA
Sterling Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. Read the wikipedia, folks.
    This is an absolute frankenstein car.

  2. I would pay good money for this car; I absolutely love it. From the great wheels to the lion on the logo, this car is perfect. (Now, if only it wouldn't break down so much...)

  3. I had a 1990 Oxford Edition 827sl for 5 years. By that time (5th model year for the Sterling) many of the bugs had been worked out. They were MUCH better than the '87-88 825SLs. It did have annoying things that went wrong but my experience was that it wasn't really any less reliable than a late '80s Acura Legend (which I've also had several of)

  4. Have the later 820 Turbo (230hp) and most of the issues are electrical but easily fixed, as said the later MK1 827’s were much better built than the early 825’s but the damage was already done unfortunately. Lovey old barges they can be made to handle if required (as proven by Rovers Isle of Man record)