Monday, October 10

1990 Sterling 827SL Oxford Edition

Only 350 Oxford Editions ever made!  Elbow patch blazer-wearing professors take note, this is the car for you.  Spend your weekends diagnosing faults in the Lucas electrical system.

San Diego, CA
Sterling Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. Read the wikipedia, folks.
    This is an absolute frankenstein car.

  2. I would pay good money for this car; I absolutely love it. From the great wheels to the lion on the logo, this car is perfect. (Now, if only it wouldn't break down so much...)

  3. I had a 1990 Oxford Edition 827sl for 5 years. By that time (5th model year for the Sterling) many of the bugs had been worked out. They were MUCH better than the '87-88 825SLs. It did have annoying things that went wrong but my experience was that it wasn't really any less reliable than a late '80s Acura Legend (which I've also had several of)