Saturday, October 15

1984 Ford Mustang SVO

I had passed by this a couple times on the street meaning to check it out. When I finally saw that off-center scoop I knew this was no regular Mustang notchback, but a venerable SVO powered by a turbocharged inline four, the only factory-turbo 'stang ever built. Love that hood scoop and the biplane spoiler.

Portland, OR
Mustang SVO Wiki
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. I'd be happy if we all just drove SVO's and SHO's.

  2. Even though I am not from States, I thought that I knew all remarkable Mustangs - Ive never seen such Mustang - I like the hood and headlights too - looks like earlier version of 5.0 series

  3. Can I drive an SVT?
    The F-150 SVT Lightning, preferably.