Thursday, October 6

1981 Mercedes 300SD

San Diego, CA
W126 Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. Probably not a lifelong CA car, with that kind of cancer. Looks more like a New England or upper mid-west survivor of salty winter roads... not sure I'd feel too safe in a collision in this. Can't honestly say I've seen too many MBs of this vintage with this much visible rust.

    Future 24 Hours of Lemons candidate?

  2. I was actually going to mention the concentration of rust on this car as opposed to a New England car. I never knew what "coastal rust" was until I bought my first California car and found the A pillars to be rotted out. Back in New England cars rot away from the rocker panels and anything near the salty roads. Out here in SD they get hit higher up due to the salty air. RUST NEVER SLEEPS.