Monday, October 31

1963 Dodge Power Wagon Town Wagon

Halloween special.

Portland, OR
Town Wagon Wiki
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. Holy post-apocalyptic-pumpkin-mobile. That last shot is rad.

    p.s. I see your shaft, both of them.

  2. Gotta love that town wagon!! Does the owner want to sell it?

  3. I owned that truck for 27 years before selling it to Mr. Wolf ....this brings back some memories for this old boy! DFM177 I have it embedded in stone in my mind . The guys at Midas muffler shop on 24th and Broadway would get a kick out of the fact I would show up every 5 years for another free muffler....I guess they don't count on someone owning a vehicle for 27 years . signed Ralph Peake

  4. Oh the way, it is a 1965 Dodge Power Wagon ... not 1963