Saturday, September 17

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 Roundup

Portland, OR
Toyota Land Cruiser Wiki
Photo: Jack Murray

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  1. Hi, luv your post. I've an FJ-62.I'd like to compare between the 2 models. The FJ-62 has power door locks, windows, mirrors, push button 4H. The FJ-60 doesn;t. The FJ-60 is the 4.2L carburated motor. The FJ-62 is 4.0L tuned port EFI. The FJ-60 has 3.70 diff ratio, and the FJ-62 has 4.11. This doesn;t matter unless you change the trannies because the ratios in the trannies are different. But if you take an FJ-60 and put larger tires on, then you could take the R & P out of a FJ-62 and be closer to stock gearing. The early FJ-60 has the H41 4 speed manual tranny, the late 85' and newer FJ-60 has the H42 4-speed manual tranny, the FJ-62 has the A440F 4-speed auto w/overdrive. They have very similar axles and steering components. The 87' 86' and late 85' FJ-60s can change to the Toyota LC 5-speed (H55F) without any adaptation. the FJ-60s need driveshaft and mounting mods. I am planning on the H55F swap in my FJ-62 because my A440F (4-speed auto) has 300K on it and it is expensive to replace. It is not as easy as the later FJ-60 5-speed swap, but that is half the fun for me. The 5-speed can easily be purchased at you local Toyota dealer, the one around here sells it for $1600 with TLC discount, $2100 without. Do not get the tranny from Man-A-Fudge or SOR unless they can beat that price, and it is new. Part number for the 5-speed is: H55F #33030-60450. If you go the 5-speed route do not buy used. I have heard too many horror stories. Both FJ-60/62 should last a long time. I love both vehicles, but I am partial to the FJ-62.
    Good Luck.