Saturday, September 3

First Generation (1990-93) Dodge Stealth R/T twin turbo

The Dodge Stealth/Mitsubishi 3000GT always has a special place in my heart as a friend's heavily modified VR-4 was the first "fast" car to really scare my teen self. The Stealth shared the Mitsubishi GTO platform with the 3000GT and was truly ahead of its time when released in 1990. The cars featured ~300hp/tq, AWD, all-wheel steering, active aerodynamics, multiple exhaust modes, and electronic suspension.

Portland, OR
Mitsubishi GTO
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. There's nothing Stealth about that thing.

  2. I will never understand the haters... Where do they get it from and what makes them share it in public for no reason is beyond me!