Wednesday, August 24

A STREET PEEP Public Service Announcement

The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is being lauded as one of the finest cars in production today.

THE STREET PEEP disagrees.
Technology is destroying cars.

We want throttle linkages. We want normal-profile tires. We want manual-crank side windows. We want heavily oxidized paint. We want three-on-the-tree. We want bench seats and lap-belts. We want babymoons. We want double-clutching. We want a choke. We want painted metal dashboards. We want brightwork...

THE STREET PEEP thinks technology is destroying cars.

Carry on.


  1. Technology destroyed my bathroom too.

  2. Men are romantic and women are practical, thus underscoring why the Lambo is the perfect girl car.

  3. "Technology destroys cars." I couldn't agree more! The more complicated the auto manufactures make them the less interested I am. To me, it has become a conspiracy to screw the consumer. Yet the American consumer seem to want more and more Flash Gorden whistles, bells and flashing lights. It's all just a bunch of CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!