Sunday, August 14

2nd Gen Camaro (1970-81)

***UPDATE - Thanks to a comment on this post, this has been identified as a 1978+ model, which causes me to call funny business on the black plate. Thanks for the correction!

This second generation Camaro can only be a 1970my bought in 1969. CA black plates were only available from 1963-69, and were all three letters followed by three numbers, issued sequentially. Unless someone's got some other info, the black plate-ness of this car is questionable.
Nevertheless, this is a killer black on black on black example in super good condition.

San Francisco, CA
Photo: Bill Stengel


  1. That front and rear bumper treatment didn't come around until 1978 I think. That's an utterly menacing profile shot!

  2. Yeah, that plate number (086-UUD) would've been issued circa 1978 as a blue plate, this guy must've just repainted the plates to match the car. Further evidence that this is a 78+ model.