Friday, July 29

1966 Sunbeam Alpine

You can't mess with the Rootes Group.  The Series V Alpine's put out just under 100hp and weighed a tad over 2000 lbs.  Roughly equivalent to a 1988 Honda Civic DX.  Decent performance for the little 4 cylinder.  Of course, if more power was desired, a Sunbeam Tiger could be had, sporting a 260 ci Ford V8.

Brooklyn, NY

Photo: Gardner Murray

Sunday, July 24

1968 Pontiac LeMans

With almost no trimwork, the 68/69 LeMans is the cleanest of the Y-Bodies.

Santa Fe, NM
Photo: Bill Stengel

DRIVE-BY SUBMISSION: Ultra Van Motorhome

Powered by a Corvair engine and transaxle. A true monococque, these were designed and built by an aircraft engineer in in the early 60's. Amazingly, they weigh in at just over 2 tons.

San Clemente, CA
Photo: Anna Booth

SUBMISSION: Fiat 600 Multipla

Peeped at the Irvine Cars and Coffee.

Irvine, CA

Photo: Anna Booth


For sale: Volvo P1800ES. Needs love. Bring cash and chainsaw.

Santa Fe, NM
Photo: Gordon Bunker