Monday, April 25

1991 Toyota TownAce Royal Lounge Diesel 4WD

Certainly and odd duck, these were only made for Japanese and Australian markets. Being from B.C., it's safe to assume this is a JDM version, as British Columbia is known to be flooded with JDM vehicles.

Santa Fe, NM


  1. I didn't realize it was a Diesel too. What a gem!

  2. I've seen some awesome Japan-to-BC imports make their way down to Portland, but it's also awesome to see some with US plates. Let's see if these links work.

  3. Oh well, now I know that linking in comments doesn't work. But I did just put a Turbo Diesel MasterAce up on OPC. I'll never get tired of seeing these, would love to see one in my driveway some day.