Tuesday, March 29

1964 Corvair Monza

Most famous for Ralph Nader's campaign against it, the Corvair exemplified the forward-thinking American auto industry in the 60's: rear-mounted aluminum air-cooled flat 6, unibody structure, doors and front & rear windows are stressed members, among the first turbocharged American cars. While the developments were great, the Corvair wasn't without problems. Mounting bad press and safety concerns pushed GM to shutter the line in 1969 after 9 years of production.

Santa Fe, NM
Photo: Bill Stengel


  1. Stylistically, these early ones are favorites. From what I've read, the later ones (say 1968) finally had most of the bugs worked out and were pretty competent vehicles.

    1. They were actually already on the way to fixing them by 64 with a stabilizer bar for the rear suspension. By 65 it was fully independent. My friend's corvairs handle better than his BMW's! Truly ahead of their time. Later models were pretty basic because the Camaro was supposed to replace it but they decided to keep it until 69 to show that Nader didn't phase them.