Sunday, February 6

1975 Dodge D100 Power Wagon

The days of the 'no-frills' pickup are long gone. Bench seat, lap-belts, AM radio (if you were so inclined), 3-on-the-tree, and white appliance wheels. Absolutely perfect in every way. The only thing power about this old dog is under the hood.

Santa Fe, NM
Photo: Bill Stengel


  1. Well I have one of these Dodge trucks, not as nice as this one, but it still runs. Smokes like a bastard, but... ;)

  2. This particular beast is my big red. I’m not sure when you got these pics but i am the owner. Runs amazing and am in the process of refurbishing her.

  3. Had..heck..almost this exact truck in high school. Last I saw it was still driving around a few miles from here.