Saturday, February 26

RED ROCKET: 1972 Volvo P1800ES

One of the few ways to one-up an MGB-GT.

Santa Fe, NM
Photo: Bill Stengel

1972 Datsun Fairlady 240Z Series II

JDM mirrors, roll cage, panasports, mismatched body panels, and random tape squares.  I'm gonna give this one "racecar" and "rat" status.

San Diego, CA
240Z Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray

1956 Porsche 356

If there was a picture of a car with the definition of Dapper, it would be the 356.

San Diego, CA
356 Wikipedia
Photo: Gardner Murray

Thursday, February 17

1980 Toyota Celica GT Coupe

I didn't see it until I walked into it.  Very nice work with the camouflage.

Jacumba, CA
2nd Gen Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray

Wednesday, February 16

1966 Sunbeam Sport

Who killed the electric car?  A member of the Rootes automotive group and sister car of the Hillman Imp. This Sport is now powered by the imagination.

In-ko-pah, CA
Hillman Imp Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray