Tuesday, January 18

1987 Vixen 21 Turbo Diesel

After squinting at a grainy close-up of the trunk emblem and deciding it was a Turbo Diesel I noticed the BMW emblem on the hood.  A sure sign that this is a "21" model with a BMW Turbo Diesel, making it even more interesting.  These creatures were only available for 3 years, due to all the abductions.

Vixen Wikipedia

Photo: Peter Kleeman


  1. Odd bird.
    There's one of these parked at a german auto shop here in Santa Fe.
    Gardner's seen it. Liz begged him to buy it for her.
    Leads me to believe it too is of the BMW variety.

  2. Wow!! These are an incredibly rare find! They say if you ever see another one, it's probably the very same one because there are so few of them out there on the road. Keen eye and great photos!