Thursday, October 21

1963 Chevrolet Nova SS

That little pull-up bar on the front bumper makes my pants tight.  I really enjoy the proportions of the first generation Nova.

Lemon Grove, CA
1st Gen. Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. there were no 65 nova convertibles made

  2. That thing has an interesting combo of trim. Those cars never came with a V8, so the badges are added. The SS cars didn't have that side trim, they had a fatter "belt" trim that started in the bottom of the two scallops on the front fender, and that awesome rear fender trim that contours the rear wheel arch is something I have only seen on 4 door cars but I LOVE it. With all the mis-matched pieces I'd be curious if it was an SS car or not, but that doesn't really matter because it looks sosooooooo good! Nice post!