Thursday, October 21

1967 International Travelall 2wd

A handsome workhorse.
Travelall Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray

1989 Winnebago Le'Sharo

Le'Sharo is French for "the shitwedge".  This is shitwedge #2.  Here is #1.

Santa Fe, NM
Photo: Bill Stengel

DRIVE-BY: Volkswagen Caddy

The owner had no choice but to cap that ass.

Portland, OR
Caddy Wiki
Photo: Jack Murray

1963 Chevrolet Nova SS

That little pull-up bar on the front bumper makes my pants tight.  I really enjoy the proportions of the first generation Nova.

Lemon Grove, CA
1st Gen. Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray

Tuesday, October 19

Monday, October 18

'63-'67 Saab Scania CF76 Bus

Being a vintage SAAB connoisseur I was blown away by this thing.  I've seen Saab-Scania trucks in the US, but never any of the buses, especially from this era.  This thing has got to be one of a couple in the states.  It was PEEPED in a small town in NW CT by Peter.  Radical.  It will be mine.... oh yes, It will be mine.

Scania Wikipedia
Photo: Peter Kleeman

1962 Studebaker Avanit R1

The epitomy of Love It or Hate It styling. Must be a repaint, but looking sharp with gloss black steelies, whitewalls, and black plate. 

Avanti Wikipedia

Photo: Gardner Murray

Sunday, October 17

1980 Volvo 262c Bertone

This thing's got pimp juice oozing from the tailpipe.  The original (from the factory) chop top.  The Bertone treatment really exagerates the already severe lines of the 200 series Volvo.

Brooklyn, NY
Bertone Wikipedia
Photo: Peter Kleeman

Friday, October 15

DRIVE-BY: 2001 Ford Focus SE Wagon

If you're going to live in your car, it's best to take a seemingly generic Ford and add a disgusting roof tumor.  I think it's infected.

Queens, NY
Photo: Peter Kleeman

1988 Subaru XT 4wd

The flying wedge.  A victim of the Top Gun styling era, the XT sports such notable features as retractable door-handle flaps.  Look out Tom Cruise, this things on a deep probing Scientology mission.

Santa Fe, NM
XT Wikipedia
Photo: Bill Stengel

1973 Karmann Ghia

Someone gave this car a handjob.  I spotted brushstrokes on the body and wheels.  Definitely an ideal ride for anyone with a physical disability.

Lemon Grove, CA
Karmann Ghia Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray

Thursday, October 14

Tri-Magnum 3-Wheeled Kit Car

2 in the front, 1 in the stink. If a Delorean had 3 wheels, this would be it.

Litchfield, CT
Tri-Magnum Wiki
Photo: Peter Kleeman