Sunday, September 26

GM C-Series 3+3

'Dropped At Birth' indeed, but was it the truck or the owner?  Slamming this dually to the ground really exaggerates the length of the beast.  Nice cut-outs in the rear fenders for tire clearance too.

3rd Gen. Wikipedia
Photo: Peter Kleeman


  1. I've been trying to make sense of this from different angles for a while now, it seems like an optical illusion and makes my brain hurt.

  2. It's no optical illusion, when you drive it your ball sac drags on the ground.

  3. Your really stupid to drop a full size truck like that to the ground. It loses every purpose it should have, and you wasted a good truck.. congrats

    1. i get really tired of hearing this defense... its about style. not once did the thought of towing or hauling go through his mind when he slammed his dually. he also didnt think about other peoples opinion. live low, ride slow.

  4. Sweet looking. Speed bumps must be fun. Or any bump.