Thursday, September 9

1967 International Travelette

Beautiful truck.  These were based on the International Travelall and were the first production double cabs.  Not a lot of these around.  This one appears to have a bio-diesel setup. 

Portland, OR
R-Series Wiki
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. i built it and it is a very cool pu with as much of the 1990 dodge diesel and parts i could use .every thing else is custom made just for this specific truck stevesfixit shop for repairs and all kinds of custom work .web site

  2. This was a three year project just completed this summer. I wanted a Travelette that didn't have the mechanical complications of a 44 year old truck, and so found this rig in CA that had updated 70's axles and hardly Amy rust. I bought a 1990 Dodge D250 with a 12v Cummins and asked my mechanic to work with me to combine the best of both worlds.

    1. Hi ! I'm a french modeler (3d modeling for games & animation) and I'm looking around the web to find some references about this car, in order to model it btw. What I need is a bunch of pics coming from the same vehicle, including passenger compartment, under vehicle and engine. It's hard to find because as said here, there is "not a lot of these around" ! The best way for me to provide to futur video games players a great experience using this vehicle, is to find a passionate travelette owner (hard in France) who agrees to send me pics of his vehicle... You can send me a mail at

    2. Any lessons learned about putting the D250 power train in her, I would like to do the same think with a old Travelall truck

  3. Hey Anon! I gave you a solid thumbs up not too long ago crossing the east side of the Burnside bridge. Truck is stunning, and I loved hearing that turbo spool up. Wish I could have taken some photos myself, hopefully one day.

  4. I think these are cool old vehicles, that have stood the test of time :)