Thursday, September 30

Tuesday, September 28

1969 Chevy Impala Kingswood Wagon

The King's got wood and it's Green.

New Milford, CT
Kingswood Wiki
Photo: Peter Kleeman

1972 BMW 3.0 CSi

The trunk line on this thing is sweeter than a Lollipop Kid's upper lip.

Portland, OR
3.0 CSi Wikipedia
Photo: Jack Murray

Monday, September 27

Citroen GS Club and Toyota Hilux Chinook

Amongst the hustle and bustle of lower Manhattan were these two steeds parked on the same block.  Ms. Liz Zack followed her eyes to the Citroen and her nose to the Chinook.

New York, NY
Citroen GS Wiki
Hilux Wiki
Photo: Liz Zack

DRIVE-BY: Volkswagen Vanagon

First submission from the ladies of Northwest Connecticut (Constanza *C-biscuit* & Kate).  Looks to be an 82-85 Vanagon Westfalia.  Next time you see this rig, be sure to stop them and take more photos.  Thanks!

Vanagon Wiki

1983 Subaru Brat

What a gem! The owner appears to have done an impeccable job maintaining this nasty little Brat. Plaid interior, red steelies and jump seats... life is good.

Portland, OR
Brat Wiki
Photo: Jack Murray

Sunday, September 26

GM C-Series 3+3

'Dropped At Birth' indeed, but was it the truck or the owner?  Slamming this dually to the ground really exaggerates the length of the beast.  Nice cut-outs in the rear fenders for tire clearance too.

3rd Gen. Wikipedia
Photo: Peter Kleeman

1967 Ford Mustang Notchback

Used and abused.

Lemon Grove, CA
1st Gen. Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray

1984 Chrysler LeBaron

Nothing says class like simulated wood.  The Chrysler LeBaron was part of the Chrysler K-Series of cars that rocked the 80's. It was the "upscale" version of the Plymouth Reliant and Dodge Aries.

San Diego, CA
2nd Gen Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray

Thursday, September 23

1965 GM 4106 Bus

Monocoque Stressed-Skin is the technique used to build this bus.  Sick.

Chula Vista, CA
"New Look" Wikipedia
Photo: Gardner Murray