Saturday, July 31


Not sure what you kids call this style bus, but I call it AWESOME. Looks like it should have some fat Powell Peralta boards inside.

Photo: Gardner Murray

Rusty Bus

Original New Hampshire ski mobile? It's got the rust to prove it! Looking hip in Brooklyn.

Photo: Peter Kleeman

Thursday, July 29

1979 Datsun 210

Headlight Eyelids - shielding the lights from the harsh rays of the sun?

Lemon Grove, CA
210/310 Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray

1.3 Liters of fire breathing hell!

Um, it's a Suzuki Swift.... GTi suckers.

Opposites Attract

American Innovation vs. German Engineering

Hilux (mini yota)

I love the tailgate latches and tie down points on these old mini pickups. Bonus points for the mega tube bumper.


Not a lot of these around.

Photo: Peter Kleeman

Old Blue

Nice mudflap.


Hey Bill, next time can you take a photo not from 1000 yards. Nice composition.

Photo: Bill Stengel