Sunday, May 23

Showing its Age

Here's a model 96 Saab sporting a very original looking patina. Upon further examination I spotted what looks to be an original dealership sticker from Brooklyn, NY. I had no luck trying to track down the dealership online, so I'm not sure whether it was a Saab dealer or a used foreign auto dealer. Nonetheless, I'm sure this Saab had some interesting travels considering its current parking spot, which is 3000 miles away from Brooklyn.

GMC Desert Runner

This GMC suburban has a quintessential California desert patina. Although the tires are half deflated, the neighbor said this truck still makes trips down to Baja to stretch its legs once or twice a year.

The tall and the short of it.

Air bagged wagon is juxtaposed by the classic delivery van towering over it.

White 'Burb

Classy white suburban seen on the same street as the low rider wagon and old delivery truck.

When a Malibu was a Malibu

The red wheels caught my eye.

Single Cab

Sun-faded blue V-dub single cab. Handyman's special.

I love 142's

Black Volvo 142 minding it's own business. Never mind that big ugly 740IL behind it.

1960 Ford F350 Flatbed

Just ad hay bales.

San Diego, CA
3rd Gen. Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray

Black on Black

Nice old Jag that drives through my neighborhood quite often. Driven by a female, usually with kids in the back. This was a drive-by photo, but I believe it's a Mark II, model year around 1960. Love the black wire wheels. The driveway is about 5 deep with classics under covers except for the Benz.

More to love

Big ol' Dodge double cab Camper Special. Nice original condition and more truck than you'll ever know what to do with.

Battered Bus

Just another ratty V dub...


A trio of oldies were spotted here. A Volvo 122, Mercedes 220, and a Chevy C10 in the background. All for sale and all with mega slashed prices. I bought a '68 Honda S90 that was in the backyard, but passed on these other classic rigs.