Thursday, April 22

One of a kind!

Meet Joe. He's originally from Tijuana and built this custom bus in the late 70's. Here's a little background. He tore all the steel off this old Carpenter Tour Bus and replaced it with 18 gauge aluminum that he bought from a closed aircraft facility. He did all the fabrication on the street where you see it now, 30+ years ago. Joe replaced the original Diesel engine with an $800 4 cylinder Diesel that came out of a bus in Seattle. He is happy with the performance, but still wants to upgrade the differential to bring the tranny from 5 speeds to 10. The Diesel engine can be started by key from the drivers seat or engine compartment. Joe insulated the bus and built the interior. He takes it to Baja occasionally and always gets lots of attention. In addition to Joe being a talented craftsman, he's a really nice guy and he volunteered to show me around the bus when he saw me photographing it. Thanks Joe!