Saturday, March 27

Ultra Rare Pulsar SPORTBAK

An oddity to say the least.... Depending on who you ask, some will say it was radical and ahead of its time and others will say it was a dumb idea and one ugly car. I love functionality in small vehicles, so despite some reservations about design, I think it's rad. Depending on your mood or needs of the particular day, you could use the Pulsar in its conventional coupe layout, pop the back off and pick up chicks with your open air steed, or slap on the "cap" and haul some cargo around, all the while keeping it protected from the elements. Whatever the case, you'll have dreams (nightmares) about this thing.

Super Clean Minis

This cute couple was spotted in the mountain town of Julian, CA. I can't imagine much surfing is going on in the landlocked town, but in the same respect, I haven't done any true rallying with the rally lights on my car.

Julian, CA
Mini Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray

Bugeye sighting

This bugeye was also spotted in the town of Julian, which is in the mountains Northeast of San Diego. The town is flanked by great winding roads and is a destination for all kinds of wheeling enthusiasts. The paint on this thing is a little too pink for me.... I mean are they trying to make it cuter?

Mercedes 508D

It's my fault for not looking at the badge on this rig. It had European plates and the owners were obviously taking a "little" trip. I've seen these before, but this one really stood out with it's school bus yellow paint. In typical European fashion, it's a diesel.

Wednesday, March 10

1950's Black Chevrolet...

Nice and simple daily driver. Original Cali black plate to match the all black exterior. Nice big sun visor too.

Friday, March 5

What the FMC?

I was curious about this one so I did a little research. FMC is an acronym for Food Machinery Corporation. Aside from making "food machinery", FMC built military vehicles and for a short time motorcoaches. FMC motorcoaches were built from 1973-1976, sold for 27k-54k and a handful were bought by celebrities such as Mario Andretti, Clint Eastwood, and Charles Kuralt. This one looks to be in nice shape and resides in San Diego, CA, not too far from the original assembly plant in Santa Clara, Ca.

The Eagle has landed....

In Brooklyn. The original S.U.C. (Sport Utility Car). This particular car is complimented by whitewall tires and a full vinyl roof with matching pinstripe.

Photo: Peter Kleeman