Wednesday, January 27

The Ranch'

The Ford Ranchero. "All" the benefits of a car with the utility of a pickup truck..... I guess.


Here's a straight, unmolested Cheyenne pickup. I love the two-tone "ranch" paint scheme. This long bed truck sports stock wheels and tall tires, which help maintain its workhorse stature.


This Blue VW Bug looks to be original all around. The Blue top-coat has almost completely faded from the roof.

Tuesday, January 19

Monday, January 18

Funky 'Yota

This Toyota Truck was peeped at Big Bend National Park in Texas. The owners were enjoying a nearby Hot Spring.

A Prune and a Lime

My old G20 van "rusty", nosing up against a grease-fueled mini.

Cut 'er up

New Orleans, LA
2nd Gen. Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray

This custom Econoline Van was spotted while passing through New Orleans. It almost looks as though it was born to be a hi-side pickup.

510 Shopping Bag

It's the trifecta that does it for me. The color, the stance and wheels. Looks to be mostly original and it's driven by a chick.

The Grand Nash

Here's one that I see quite often. The missing bumper corner is complimented nicely by a Kenne Bell sticker over the rear brake light.

San Diego, CA
Photo: Gardner Murray

Black Beetle

This bug is parked on my block in Mission Hills, San Diego. The owner matches the character of his ride.